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As modern technology grows, the world shrinks in terms of time and geographical distance. Languages, particularly English and Chinese, the two global languages, provide a link between peoples of the world to meet their needs for inter-personal, inter-cultural and international communication.

Learning Chinese in Taiwan will give you experiences that you may not get from other Chinese-speaking communities. The demographic makeup of Taiwan is unique in that most, if not all, ethnic groups within the China proper have come to live together with ten groups of native Austro-Polynesian aborigines on one relatively small island. And, this brings about a colorful spectrum of cultural and linguistic diversities unsurpassed in any Chinese-speaking sociolinguisitic milieu. Such diversities will make your language learning experience highly interesting.

In comparison to other institutions in Taiwan, learning Chinese at the Chinese Language Education Center of Providence University is particularly attractive. For one thing, we have a team of excellent Chinese language teachers who can provide you with high quality teaching. For another, learning Chinese on our campus, you can enjoy the academic atmosphere of the learning environment and have all the logistic supports of a full-size university. On top of that, the well planned program of our CLEC offers you not only excellent course work, but also multifaceted extra-curricula activities that make your stay at Providence University both gratifying and memorable.


John Kwock-Ping Tse
College of Foreign Languages and Literature