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 靜宜大學 華語文教學中心




Application Materials should include :

1. Diploma photocopy (for applicants not currently enrolled in university).
2. A copy of passport.
3. 3 photos.
4. A completed copy of the application form.


Application Form
( ↑ ↑PDF Version, please use Adobe Reader or whatever could open this PDF and you can fill out the form directly↑ ↑.)

After the document is prepared, you can apply for registration in our office in person or by entrusting others. If you are unable to come in person, please send us all the necessary documents together with the above application form. We will process your application after receiving your application. You prepare follow-up related documents.



Quarter Registration Date

The academic year is divided into four quarters plus one summer session. Dates and application deadlines are as follows:


Tuition Fees

Each student must attend at least 15 hours a week to be recognized as a full-time student.
A semester is three months, five days a week, three hours a day, the tuition is as follows:
One semester: NTD 26,500
Two semester: NTD 50,000
Accident Insurance: NTD 600 (each semester)
Students who register for the first time need to add NTD 600 registration fee.

If the course is less than one semester or the following special circumstances, the fee will be calculated according to the actual number of hours.
The tuition fee is charged according to the current exchange rate.