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Payment Information:

1. Cash Payment
2. Credit Card payment will charge 1.82% of processing fees

Refund Information:

1. Refunds refer solely to tuition refunds.

2. Students who submit a refund form one day before the CLP course starts are entitled to a 90% refund of the tuition.

3. If a class cannot open due to a shortage of enrolled students or as a result of force majeure, students are entitled to a full refund.

4. After a CLP semester starts, students who, due to personal reasons, submit a refund request before passing the first third of the total class hours are entitled to a 50% refund; no refund will be granted after the first third of the total class hours.

5. Students who intend to request a refund must complete the refund request form within one week of the incident and attach the required documents, then submit them to the responsible authority. Students are responsible for any remittance surcharges, which will be deducted from the refund amount.

6. Required documents for a refund request include a refund request form, original copy of proof of payment, original student ID card, a photocopy of passport or ARC. Refund is paid by remittance, please provide a clear photocopy of the cover page of the applicant’s bank account book.